Aims and Scope

The International Journal of the Institute of Materials Malaysia (IJIMM) aims to provide a publication platform for sharing and disseminating new research findings in Materials Science and Engineering, and its extended application in major areas such as Energy, Sports, Biomedical Engineering and Built Environment including interdisciplinary research performed at the interface of these areas. This includes analysis and the investigation of properties, processing, characterisation, behaviour and operating environment of engineering materials. The editorial solicits theoretical, analytical, experimental and/or computational articles that contribute to scientific knowledge base or expand existing knowledge into industrial applications for review. IJIMM also publishes review articles, book reviews and technical notes on the state-of-the-art, original research or significant developments in the areas mentioned above besides manuscripts based on primary research.

Published twice a year, usually in March and September every year, IJIMM considers research papers that report new or original work that has not been published elsewhere before submission. Every submission will be single-blind peer reviewed by appointed technical reviewers from the academia, field professionals and technical experts. A manuscript revised based on reviewers' comments will be reviewed again to ensure that all recommended changes and corrections are observed before publication of the final version. All articles and respective Abstracts are published in English and have references spelled out in Roman alphabet.